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Islamic Jurisprudence: Wisdom and Purposes

Question 51: Is it possible that the whole system of this universe has occurred by coincidence?

Answer 51: This can never be the case at all. In fact, no rational person could ever envisage that this world has come into existence without a wise capable and knowing creator.  With the least contemplation, a rational person can recognize the invalidity of coincidence in this case.  When a person looks at a beautiful building that is architecturally organized, wonderful and firm, foe example, he intuitively believes that someone must have built, organized and planned its plan and designed its foundations, lounges and balconies.  When we look at the watch on our wrists, we cannot believe that its first maker found it by coincidence in that shape.  So how could we believe that the creation of man to have come by coincidence?  And how could this universe which runs according to an absolute accurate system (in terms of night and day, stars, planets and galaxies) how could it have come by pure coincidence?  The idea of coincidence is something obsolete and has become outside the rational circle in the world of science and knowledge, and the world of reason and cause.